Best sexy hairstyles for women in 2017

Kerry Washington

To get a style that states brains and beauty, pick side- waves à la Kerry Washington that is polished and swept bangs.

Long and Thick

On long, straight cuts, candid bangs have an awesome ’60 s, Penelope Tree vibe. This hefty brow-skimming fringe suits thick hair (fine hair gets wispy) and makes oval faces look more slender. If you have strong cowlicks in the crown, avoid this cut; they may cause separation that is unwanted . To re create Olivia Wilde’s look, prep damp bangs with styling cream and blowdry having a vent brush, making crisscross motions to get rid of your part that is natural. By rapidly sweeping a flatiron within the hair in a arc, which assists the ends lay-flat from the forehead finish. “It makes the bangs look more polished,” Garren claims. Mist a shampoo that is dry at the roots if bangs start to separate later in the day and massage bangs with your fingertips.

Lily Aldridge

To the opposite gender, Lily Aldridge’s non-chalant wavy’ is the hair equal of no-makeup makeup

Blake Lively

When hair hangs in your face guys hate. The pretty, polished ponytail of Blake Lively is one solution to get it out of your way—and his.


The basic French braid gets an improve — it isn’t complex, but it’s certainly cool. This sweet classic is given a contemporary twist by wearing two braids on each side of your part subsequently joining the four braids into a bun.

Long, Encounter-Framing Bangs

“Bangs that hit right at the corners of your eyes highlight the cheek bones,” states Garren. That’s especially flattering to oval and round faces. Utilize a comb that is small, like the Ace Curling & Teasing Comb, to pull bangs away from the facial skin while blow-drying, making volume. Subsequently part them down the middle and smooth a flatiron on the ends. Perform them up with black fluid liner, since this look brings attention to the eyes.


A sensational side part can switch your everyday appearance, with no commitment of a cut up. Line up the part with the arch of your eyebrow, and make a clean line with a comb, continuing the portion straight back. Add in unfastened waves, and tuck the less-notable side behind your ear to get a super glam style.

Joan Smalls

Long, lustrous tresses he can run his fingers through constantly = hot.

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Alessandra Ambrosio

The free pieces escaping the front of this ponytail play-up it’s girly, equal parts pleasant and sexy, bring-house-to-mother innocence.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba presents the straight and slick girl-next door strands that men go ga-ga over.


While going short is normally considered daring, notes Cairns, 20 17 is the year for even “the cause self-conscious to dabble with this cut.” The length is laid in by the key — or instead, keeping the length long, à manhunter Ruby Rose. To design, create an even, deep component on air-dried hair using a comb, then grab a pomade


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